Your Gift Is Our Future
On behalf of our residents, volunteers, donors and staff, we invite you to join our community of philanthropists in continuing the fundamental promise of our non-profit organization: to care for all those who need our care, regardless of their ability to pay.

Tomorrow’s generation is in our hands…your gift is their future
Our Foundation offers a real opportunity for donors to care for their elders, to contribute to our mission with historic and lasting significance and to strengthen the future of the McHarrie Life community. A philanthropic gift is an investment in the security and well-being of future generations whose care is entrusted to us.

Would you give if you could?    
There are many ways to make a significant gift that takes into account tax-saving strategies and income producing assets. These types of gifts are called planned gifts.

Through your will, living trust, or with a codicil to your will, a bequest is the most simple planned gift one can make.

Planned Gift Choices and Tax Benefits
Retirement Plan name McHarrie Life Foundation primary or contingent beneficiary of a percentage or all of your retirement plan or IRA. This gift avoids twofold taxation (income and estate taxes) on distributions after your lifetime.

Life Income Gifts
These gift plans ensure you (and even a survivor) an income for life, as well as substantial tax savings:

Charitable remainder trust fund
With cash or other assets into a trust you create. You receive tax benefits and fixed or variable payments for life.

Charitable gift annuity fund
With cash or other assets with a simple agreement. You receive tax benefits and fixed payments for life.

For more information about planned giving, please contact:

Audrey Gibbs
Director of Philanthropy
McHarrie Life Foundation
7740 Meigs Road
Baldwinsville, New York 13027

At McHarrie Life we foster a culture of philanthropy. Together with our donors, we treasure our traditions and secure the future. Call today for a confidential meeting and learn how charitable giving can benefit your financial picture!