Former Resident and Family Members Speak

“Janice and I have been blessed to have been born and lived our lives in the Baldwinsville community. We both attended Baldwinsville schools, as did our four parents, our three children and two grandsons. Our lives have been interwoven with the Baldwinsville community and the wonderful people who live and have lived in it. We have tried to give to our community in both service and monetary ways as means of giving back some of what we received.

McHarrie Life has provided comfort and care to thousands of people during the many years of its existence. With its Baldwinsville location it allows people who are in need of nursing home care or rehabilitation to stay in their own community. Each of us may hope never to need this special care, but if we do it is there to take care of our needs. There would be a major void in our community if McHarrie Life was not here. Every person in our community should be thankful for its existence and support it to the best of their capabilities.

Janice and I were both taught as children, by examples set by our parents, that services to others is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is the way to be truly happy. You do not have to be wealthy to give and our parents were not, but it is important to give what you are capable of.

There are many worthwhile organizations in our community and beyond that are worthy of our support. There are a number that we try to help. We feel that Syracuse Home should be at or near the top of every Baldwinsville area resident’s list because of its service to so many people ion our community.”
    -The Bitz’s

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