Excitement, adventure, lifelong learning and a purposeful existence is not left at the door upon your arrival.  The journey begins here. Our activities professionals work with you to provide individualized care based on your preferences, current functional and cognitive capabilities. The role of this department is to find what is unique to you.

We focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t. We work to provide opportunities for you to reach goals or make new ones.  We are committed to making this your home, a place to live each moment the way you choose.  We design, adapt and provide activities that cater to your interests. It can be as simple as reading the newspaper, side-by-side crafts, sharing a cup of coffee or tea, walks outdoors, pet visits or taking a group to watch a sunset over Lake Ontario.

What transforms and energizes us is watching you make new friends, spend time with your family and enjoy every moment in your new home at McHarrie Place. Our home is decorated with the sights and sounds of community.  It’s the flower pots planted with the help of Girl Scout troops and tended by residents.  It’s the local community choruses and bands that play music for your enjoyment and local naturalists who provide educational programs for lifelong learning.
Check out our daily activities calendar.  There is something for everyone at McHarrie Place!