Enjoying the Benefits of Lifelong Activity

Dick, Resident at McHarrie Pointe

An active life is a happy life – just ask McHarrie Pointe resident Dick. After retiring from a rewarding and successful career in pediatric medicine in 1998, Dick and his wife, Jean spent the next several decades visiting their family, traveling the world, volunteering as hosts for China’s foreign exchange student program and so much more.

A lifelong tennis player since the age of five, Dick continues to play at the age of 88. He played through high school, college and during his years as Chief of Pediatrics at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois.

“Currently I play doubles with my sons who live nearby. It’s a serious game we play. There is very little laughing.”

Even though his life was busy raising a family and working as both a pediatrician in private practice and associate professor at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, he was steadfast in his lifelong commitment to eating well and exercising.

“It’s so important to keep moving and not become sedentary as we age.”

Dick regularly walks four miles three to four days a week, enjoys fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, woodworking, sketching, painting, reading and volunteering.

“I play horseshoes with my friends at McHarrie Towne on Mondays.”

Fortunately, longevity runs in the family. Dick’s mother lived until the age of 99 ½ years old. He strives to become a centenarian himself and looks forward to spending many more memorable years with his family.