For Her Love of Gardening... 

Pat, Resident of McHarrie Towne

As a young girl. Pat worked alongside her mother in their family garden in Lysander, New York. "Remarkably, I didn't like gardening at all. I am most definitely a late bloomer," she says. It wasn't until her late 30's that her passion for gardening blossomed. "I joined my first garden club when my husband, Joe, was stationed In Staten Island." Little did she know at the time that her love of gardening would span over the next 50 years of her life.

After spending 22 years in her Baldwinsville home - outfitted with an expansive flower garden - Pat moved to Mc Harrie Towne in 2010. Finding new friends who shared her love of gardening. they began to plant and maintain what they've affectionately named, "The Backwoods Garden." The beautiful communal garden spans across three backyards and has six trellises, a seating area and a large variety of plants that bloom from early spring until late fall. Mid-July is the most prolific and colorful time of the year to enjoy the garden since there is an abundance of Shasta daisies that are tall and showy.

"I am so proud of the garden and look at it often throughout the day. It gives me a place to reflect and remember."

Aside from gardening, Pat also stays active by swimming. doing yoga, participating in book club and is a member of the local YMCA.

"After my children, moving to McHarrie Towne is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. living here gives me peace of mind and a feeling of security. Ifs very comforting to know that help is always here if I need it."