From Caregiver to "In Need of Care"...

Nancy, Past Short-Term Rehab Patient

One cold, snowy Saturday evening, Nancy and her husband, Todd made plans to go out to dinner. When Nancy walked out to the driveway to get into the car, she slipped and broke her femur – just above her recent total knee replacement.

After emergency surgery on her leg, she spent six days in the hospital, with doctor’s orders to attend rehab to complete her recovery. She learned McHarrie Life offered a short-term rehab program near her home in Baldwinsville.

“The whole experience felt surreal and dream-like. I am the kind of person who never stops moving. This injury took me from a very busy 100 mph life to zero. My doctor told me that recovery was going to be extensive. It was devastating news to me.”

After settling into her new room and becoming acquainted with the staff, her heart lightened.

“At first, I sat helplessly in my wheelchair feeling like I would never live my life again. I was terrified to begin therapy in fear of another fall. My therapist, Dave, gave me so much confidence, and promised me he would never ask me to do something I couldn’t do. And he was right. He truly made me believe I would regain my life and do everything I needed to do to recover.”

Thirty days later, Nancy was discharged to return home and back to her life. She was back to running her full-time daycare center and looking forward to hiking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

“I need to take care of people. It’s who I am, and with much thanks to the entire staff at McHarrie Life, I am back to the life I love so much.”