Practicing proper skin care as we age is about more than just looking good. It can also help us avoid problems such as skin cancer, severe itching, and bedsores. We all know that staying out of the sun is the best way to avoid skin cancer, but this becomes truer are we age and our skin becomes more delicate and vulnerable. We also lose oil glands as we get older, causing our skin to become dry and itchy. Consistent, daily moisturizing everywhere can help prevent this discomfort. If you are regularly confined to a bed or chair, you can keep bedsores from forming by changing positions frequently, standing up whenever possible, and keeping your skin dry.

Keeping indoor humidity between 45 and 60 percent can reduce dry, itchy skin. Working around your house and in your garden can also expose your skin to harsh chemicals, sunlight, and other things that can irritate and dry your skin.

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P.S. When choosing and using moisturizers, be sure to use products that are appropriate for the different skin on your face, body, hands and feet.