As we age, it’s common to find ourselves forgetting things from time to time. Although forgetfulness can be a natural and normal part of aging, it may also be a sign of mild cognitive impairment. Cognitive changes can be problematic, but don’t necessarily indicate a more severe type of dementia. Signs of cognitive decline can include forgetting appointments and dates, losing one’s sense of direction, feeling overwhelmed when making difficult decisions, and forgetting recent conversations and events. Doctors can diagnose the condition through various testing methods. Medication side effects, metabolic imbalances, hormonal problems, and vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can contribute to cognitive impairment. Many causes of cognitive changes are treatable; however, today, no medication exists to  treat the condition itself.

The human brain ages just like the body. As long as you exercise your brain, you have a greater chance of keeping it in good shape. Journaling is one of the many ways you can exercise your brain. It also creates an opportunity for you to gain a better perspective on your life’s events.

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P.S. Signs of cognitive decline may be difficult to spot, especially if they are not interfering with daily functioning.