Having a creative outlet is important for everyone, and it is even more vital for retirees and seniors. But for some people, creative juices don’t flow easily and the idea of suddenly enrolling in a painting class or taking up sculpting is intimidating. Adult coloring books come in a wide variety of topics and details and are an excellent way to work the creative side of your brain. You can even pair your art time with music or an educational and interesting podcast to increase your brain’s stimulation. The activity can decrease stress and anxiety as well. Some studies have even shown that coloring has the same mental and emotional benefits as meditation.

Coloring requires the two hemispheres of the brain to communicate. While logic helps us stay inside the lines, choosing colors generates a creative thought process. Coloring is also a relaxing and electronic-free bedtime ritual that won’t disturb your level of melatonin.

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P.S. Adult coloring not only stimulates the creative part of the brain, but it can also be excellent dexterity practice for people recovering from stroke or nerve damage.