Losing your driver’s license can be a hard hit to the independent living of many seniors, but there are ways to keep your driving skills sharp and hold onto your license longer. One of the reasons driving skills can deteriorate as we age is simple lack of use. Older people tend to drive less, which can slow physical and cognitive reaction time. Keeping your body and mind healthy with regular exercise is vital to maintaining your ability to drive safely. Taking a defensive driving course specifically designed for seniors is an excellent way to hone your skills and video games are a great way to keep your hand-eye coordination sharp even if they aren’t driving- related.

Your driving performance should be assessed regularly. Not only can this help you recognize and correct possible shortcomings, it also can result in a specialized drivers’ training plan to help you continue driving safely.

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P.S. Contrary to popular belief, drivers over the age of 55 are involved in fewer accidents than their younger counterparts.