It is essential to our well-being to keep moving and remain active, regardless of age. However, it’s especially beneficial for people as they grow older. Seniors who exercise regularly are less likely to depend on others and have an overall higher quality of life. Older adults must take extra precautions to protect themselves from injury. Various exercises are considered safer for older people, with water-based activities being at the top of the list. They are deemed low-impact exercises and include swimming and water aerobics, an extremely popular exercise for seniors. Another easily accessible low-impact exercise is chair yoga, which helps improve mobility, flexibility, and muscle strength. Many elderly people can benefit from a balancing exercise such as tai chi.

Tai chi can help seniors improve balance and prevent falls. Studies have found that it can improve leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, the immune system, sleep, and the ability to concentrate. 

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P.S. One of the least stressful exercises is walking.