Changing any type of long-held habit is difficult for most of us, but even more so as we age, and especially when it comes to food. However, if your goal is to stay healthy, active, and live longer, there are changes you should make after age fifty. Refined, processed sugars and simple carbohydrates should be minimized to avoid blood sugar spikes and replaced with foods high in insoluble fiber to slow digestion, lower blood sugar, and work with healthy gut bacteria to improve the way insulin works in the body. Increase lean proteins in your diet to help prevent muscle loss. Adding an extra portion of chicken or fish to breakfast or lunch can be very helpful.

Many people experience a loss of appetite with age. You need to get enough calories and nutrients to maintain healthy organs, muscles, and bones. At McHARRIE LIFE SENIOR COMMUNITY we understand that our residents’ needs can change overnight. We can provide the necessary care to help them maintain the best quality of life possible. Schedule a tour at 7740 Meigs Road, Baldwinsville, by calling (315) 638-2521 today.

P.S One’s daily calorie count needs to drop by about 200 calories after the age of 50 as weight gain is inevitable in those who do not adjust their diets.