For many grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren often means weekends and occasional holidays together and a week in the summer. However, when circumstances change through divorce, legal situations, child abuse, or the parents’ death, it often falls on the grandparents to assume responsibility for their grandchildren. Known as “kinship care” a growing number of grandparents are taking on this vital role. Grandparents typically don’t expect to be raising children again at this stage of life, and although raising kids can be exceptionally challenging the second time around, it is not without its rewards. Support groups and online group forums are available, and it can be helpful to make friends with seniors in similar situations.

Many assisted living communities organize special events around grandparents, inviting family members for celebrations featuring entertainment, family activities, refreshments, music and more. As a family member, take advantage of these fun community activities and use them as opportunities to connect with your loved one.

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P.S. It is important for grandparents to acknowledge their feelings about parenting again, both positive and negative.