Identity theft is becoming an increasing problem for many, but seniors are targeted at a much higher rate than younger people. However, there are several steps you can take to keep your assets and identity safe. To begin with, opt out of as many “pre-approved” credit card offers as you can, and do not take calls from telemarketers. You should also shred any documents with you personal information on them even if it’s just you name and address. Never share details like account numbers or your social security number over the phone or through email. When it comes to the internet, make sure your WiFi is secure and don’t access personal accounts when using public internet.

Criminals take more than $36 billion from older Americans every year through financial abuse and outright fraud. If someone calls asking for personal or financial information, do not feel obligated to provide it. It’s OK to hang up.

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P.S. Remember to check your credit regularly and report any anomalies immediately. You can request a 90-day fraud alert until the issue is resolved.