Any prescription drug can be abused. Prescription drug abuse occurs when people misuse their prescribed medications. Misuse can include taking more than is prescribed, taking it when it isn’t needed, or using someone else’s prescription. Older adults, who take more medicine than other age groups, are at risk for prescription drug abuse. However, most do so by accident. Symptoms may be difficult to recognize in the elderly, so it is essential to be vigilant and observant when around an elderly loved one. Warning signs to look for include being defensive when asked about the medication, making excuses for why the medication is needed, sneaking or hiding medicine, or starting to take more than in the past.

As we age, our bodies' ability to filter chemicals in medications declines. This has an effect on senior citizen prescription drug addiction risk because they can get a greater effect of the drug with a lowered dose.

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P.S. Prescription drug abuse also occurs when people mix medicine with alcohol or other drugs.