One of the biggest concerns of people transferring to senior living facilities and their families is the potential for isolation and depression. However, modern assisted living communities have a wide variety of opportunities available for social activity and mental stimulation. Not only is it never too late to learn a new skill, but your golden years are also an excellent time to try your hand at painting classes, woodworking classes, and writing workshops. You can check items off your bucket list and make new friends at the same time. For more physical activity, check out dance and fitness classes as well as gardening and tai chi. Some facilities even offer the opportunity to fulfill performance dreams with karaoke night.

Making senior friends and staying socially active is quite easy if you're willing to venture out and try new things. Start with your local senior center. This is a great way to find senior activities near you.

The staff at McHARRIE LIFE SENIOR COMMUNITY is available 24 hours a day to serve individuals who need assistance with the activities of daily life. To learn more, please call (315) 638-2521 to arrange a tour of our senior community at 7740 Meigs Road, Baldwinsville. 

P.S. Almost any senior living facility is going to have board games, which are a great way to stimulate the mind while interacting with your neighbors.