Getting out in the fresh air can improve everyone’s health, but it is especially important for seniors for several reasons. The most obvious benefit is physical health. People are more likely to be active, walking, jogging, and bird watching when they are outdoors and away from the lure of their favorite couch or armchair. Mental health can also greatly improve by time spent outside. Anxiety and depression, both considerable problems in the elderly, are experienced less often by those who regularly spend time outside, and they also tend to have more energy and fewer sleeping problems.

Being outside in nature makes you feel more alive and provides a greater sense of energy and vitality, which can help make you more resilient to illness. Spending time outdoors may also boost your memory. One study found a 20-percent improvement in attention span and memory after spending just one hour in a natural environment. The staff at McHARRIE LIFE SENIOR COMMUNITY is available 24 hours a day to serve individuals who need assistance with the activities of daily life. To learn more, please call (315) 638-2521 to arrange a tour of our senior community at 7740 Meigs Road, Baldwinsville. 

P.S. Not a fan of outdoor aerobic activities?  Consider gardening, taking the dog to the dog park, or nature watching.