Keeping a journal is an excellent means of preserving memories, which can be extremely helpful for seniors experiencing memory problems.  And there are more benefits to journaling than mental preservation. Getting older, even when things are going smoothly, comes with many stressors and frustrations. Writing them down can help us deal with issues in a calm and constructive way, and often the mere act of putting something down on paper can be cathartic enough to resolve the emotions involved. Writing of any kind stimulates the creative part of our brains and can inspire us to accomplish goals that are important to us and discover a side of ourselves we may not be familiar with.

The more you use your senses, the better it is for your mind and body. When you write with a pen or pencil, you feel it in your hand, hear the strokes, and even smell the paper. At the same time, you are thinking about what you are writing. Additionally, gripping the moving the writing instrument can help you maintain or improve motor skills.

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P.S. Keeping a journal can be closer to writing a memoir, as it creates a story to leave behind for children and grandchildren to enjoy and learn from.