“I came to Syracuse Home after a total left hip replacement. From the moment I arrived everyone was so friendly and warm; it felt like a family. What was most important to me was to feel safe. It is very difficult to be in a situation where you are unable to do hardly anything for yourself. As a career registered nurse, I found Syracuse Home to be very well staffed and all the personnel well trained. The meals were beautifully presented and the evening care was outstanding with lots of extras provided before I could even ask! I was very impressed with the overall care and during this time when I could not be at home, I felt my rehabilitative stay was the best decision I ever made.”
—Joan K.

“After double hip replacement I was at first hesitant to go to Syracuse Home because I felt I did not want to be in a long-term care setting. I've never been so wrong. I befriended numerous residents and was amazed at how well the rehabilitation therapies team cared for the residents. I left with my perception of the Home totally changed. I found the residents to be a group of people with so much to give. This is due in large part to the way the staff cultivates the residents and involves them in daily life. My rehab therapy was a complete success. It is my pleasure to rave about Syracuse Home whenever I am asked about my stay.”
—Dick C.

“I can’t say enough about my rehabilitation. The nurses went above and beyond their normal duties to address my individual needs. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and cheerful. The therapists are well-trained, supportive and committed to helping us get better as soon as possible so we can return home to our families. I highly recommend it for short-term rehab!”
—Michelle R.

“I slipped and fell in my driveway breaking my femur.  As a home daycare provider, I didn’t know how I would ever live my life again.  As I sat in my wheelchair in the hospital feeling helpless, I did feel secure in my decision to go to Syracuse Home for my short-term rehabilitation. When I arrived, my therapist, Dave, gave me so much confidence, and promised me he would never ask me to do something I couldn’t do.  And he was right. He truly made me believe I would regain my life again. I am now back to running my home daycare center and participating in all of the outdoor activities that I love to do.”