“My husband visits me at Syracuse Home and he is encouraged to participate in activities with me. We go to mass together every week. The care is wonderful. They comfort you and are always there for you when you need help. I love playing cards, BINGO and attending supper club. I also love the monthly shopping trips. The shopping trips help me keep the spirit for my husband. I shop for him like I did when we lived at home together. You can do the same things here that you can do at home. I mean everything I say from the bottom of my heart. This is my home away from home.”          
—Gloria, Resident

“This is a wonderful place to live. There’s always something going on and it makes the days go by so quickly. You think you have a favorite nurse then another one comes in to take care of you and you love them, too! Every single nurse is wonderful.”
—Agnes, Resident

“The staff is so nice and happy. If you’re looking to be active, it’s a great place to live. My family complains they can’t reach me because I never answer my phone! That’s because there are always activities going on and it’s always stuff that I am interested in. I came here to enjoy life and stay active. I’ve made some good friends here. This is like home.” 
—Dolores, Resident

“If I had to be any place, this is the place I would want to be.  The staff is great.  Everyone is very accommodating.  The activities program has something for everyone.  I couldn’t ask for better people to take care of me.  Everyone is so nice.”  
—Ron, Resident

“It’s very nice here. Everyone is so good to me and the nurses are so nice. The resident services director is wonderful. She goes out of her way to please everyone every day.”  
—Nancy, Resident