Obesity in the Elderly


There is no doubt about it: obesity is on the rise and has been for decades, and it can affect anyone. While obesity is not considered a chronic condition, it is a risk factor for other severe chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and several forms of can...

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Prescription Abuse


Any prescription drug can be abused. Prescription drug abuse occurs when people misuse their prescribed medications. Misuse can include taking more than is prescribed, taking it when it isn’t needed, or using someone else’s prescription. Older adults, who take more medicine than other age groups, ar...

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Heart Health and Aging


Heart health changes as people age, and those 65 and older are more likely than younger people to suffer a heart attack or stroke or to develop coronary heart disease and heart failure. Aging can cause changes in the blood vessels, making the heart less capable of beating quickly during physical act...

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Traveling and the Elderly


The benefits of traveling and seeing new places are immeasurable. There can come a time, however, when you may feel you shouldn’t travel anymore. Can you be too old to travel? While only you may know the answer, there are factors to consider. For instance, the risk of getting severely ill with COVID...

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Cognitive Impairment


As we age, it’s common to find ourselves forgetting things from time to time. Although forgetfulness can be a natural and normal part of aging, it may also be a sign of mild cognitive impairment. Cognitive changes can be problematic, but don’t necessarily indicate a more severe type of dementia. Sig...

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About Xerostomia


Xerostomia, or dry mouth, refers to a condition in which the salivary glands don’t make enough saliva to keep the mouth wet. Occurring more commonly in the elderly, lack of saliva can cause significant problems, including bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral hygiene problems. Dry mouth is often d...

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Tax Counseling for the Elderly


The tax needs of seniors are unique and often involve retirement and pension-related situations. Sometimes a little extra help is needed to figure out the often-complicated tax rules. This is where the TCE Program can help. Tax Counseling for the Elderly provides free tax assistance to people who ar...

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Seniors and Higher Education


Many seniors head back to school to finish their college degrees, get new ones, or simply engage in the joy of learning. These days, online learning has opened up a whole new world of educational opportunities to the elderly. Whether online or in-person, lifelong learning keeps the seniors active an...

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Elder Abuse


Sometimes considered a silent problem since it is often under-reported, elder abuse occurs to millions of senior citizens every year. Elder abuse robs people of their dignity and security. It includes physical and emotional abuse, financial exploitation, confinement, neglect, and abandonment. Abuser...

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Write It All Down


Keeping a journal is an excellent means of preserving memories, which can be extremely helpful for seniors experiencing memory problems.  And there are more benefits to journaling than mental preservation. Getting older, even when things are going smoothly, comes with many stressors and frustrations...

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


     For many grandparents, spending time with their grandchildren often means weekends and occasional holidays together and a week in the summer. However, when circumstances change through divorce, legal situations, child abuse, or the parents’ death, it often falls on the grandparents to assume re...

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Caring for Your Skin Is Not Vain


Practicing proper skin care as we age is about more than just looking good. It can also help us avoid problems such as skin cancer, severe itching, and bedsores. We all know that staying out of the sun is the best way to avoid skin cancer, but this becomes truer are we age and our skin becomes more...

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Planning for An Extended Retirement


Turning 65 today is very different than it was even just a few decades go. Instead of planning for the next 10 or 15 years, you are planning for the next 20 or 30. This means your money is going to have to stretch much farther, and you need to be realistic  when planning the next stage of your life....

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So Many Ways to Meet New People


One of the biggest concerns of people transferring to senior living facilities and their families is the potential for isolation and depression. However, modern assisted living communities have a wide variety of opportunities available for social activity and mental stimulation. Not only is it never...

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When Low Cholesterol Isn't a Good Thing


You can’t watch TV for more than a short while without seeing commercials aimed at seniors for some medication to lower cholesterol or a new food product that promotes lower cholesterol levels. Can your cholesterol ever be too low? The answer is yes...and no. If you are taking a statin or following...

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Mindfulness Activities


Mindfulness is a term frequently heard in conversations on mental health, but what exactly is it and how can it benefit the senior community? Mindfulness is an umbrella term that includes brain healthy activities such as meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, and mood tracking. Stress manageme...

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Tech-Savvy Seniors


Technology is used in every aspect of modern life. Seniors can easily be overwhelmed by this new technology. This is understandable—once one thing is mastered, another new and improved version comes along, which seems unavoidable. Learning recent technological advances is meant to make life easier,...

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The Power of Positive Thinking


Growing older brings its own unique set of challenges. Older adults are more susceptible to illness and multiple chronic conditions than any other age group. So, when it comes to recovery, disease management, and general aging, the power of positive thinking could not be more crucial or play a more...

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Older Workers


There are several misconceptions about older adults in the workforce, including that they work too slowly or are unable to keep up with their coworkers. However, this is not necessarily true. Older workers bring a certain level of experience and knowledge that cannot be taught, such as life experien...

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Exercising Safely


It is essential to our well-being to keep moving and remain active, regardless of age. However, it’s especially beneficial for people as they grow older. Seniors who exercise regularly are less likely to depend on others and have an overall higher quality of life. Older adults must take extra precau...

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Try Resistance for Better Resilience


When it comes to exercise many seniors consider their daily walk enough to keep them healthy. While walking can be an excellent cardio workout on a daily basis, adding resistance training a few times a week can build resilience, overcome the natural loss of muscle mass, and increase agility and stab...

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Drive Longer, Be Safer


Losing your driver’s license can be a hard hit to the independent living of many seniors, but there are ways to keep your driving skills sharp and hold onto your license longer. One of the reasons driving skills can deteriorate as we age is simple lack of use. Older people tend to drive less, which...

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Live Simply, Live Better


The older we get the more cluttered our homes can become, and although it can be nice to look around a room and see items that bring us happy memories, it’s also a good idea to simplify our surroundings as we age. For starters, there’s the upkeep. Trinkets collect dust, and more dust means more dust...

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Why Work After Retirement?


Few people actually want to work for their entire lives, and most look forward to the time when they can finally put their feet up and retire. However, there are benefits for seniors having a part-time job. The best advantage of part-time work after retirement is maintaining an active brain and body...

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Color Your Way to Calm


Having a creative outlet is important for everyone, and it is even more vital for retirees and seniors. But for some people, creative juices don’t flow easily and the idea of suddenly enrolling in a painting class or taking up sculpting is intimidating. Adult coloring books come in a wide variety of...

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Filling in the Gaps of Medicare


Medicare helps a great deal when it comes to lowering the inevitable medical costs that come with getting older. However, it does not cover everything, and those uncovered expenses can add up quickly. It may, therefore, be worth considering a Medigap policy to keep those uncovered costs from overwhe...

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Keeping Your Identity Safe


Identity theft is becoming an increasing problem for many, but seniors are targeted at a much higher rate than younger people. However, there are several steps you can take to keep your assets and identity safe. To begin with, opt out of as many “pre-approved” credit card offers as you can, and do n...

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Food After Fifty


Changing any type of long-held habit is difficult for most of us, but even more so as we age, and especially when it comes to food. However, if your goal is to stay healthy, active, and live longer, there are changes you should make after age fifty. Refined, processed sugars and simple carbohydrates...

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Dance the Night Away


Music can sooth animals, both wild and domestic, lull infants to sleep, and bring people together. It also has excellent benefits for the elderly. Music can lessen stress responses such as increased heart rate and the production of the stress hormone cortisol. It can improve speech abilities for tho...

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The Benefits of Outdoor Living


Getting out in the fresh air can improve everyone’s health, but it is especially important for seniors for several reasons. The most obvious benefit is physical health. People are more likely to be active, walking, jogging, and bird watching when they are outdoors and away from the lure of their fav...

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